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Who makes the best CV axle assembly?

Who makes the best CV axle assembly?

Raxles is the best, if they make them for your car. Otherwise, nothing wrong with Cardone reman CV axles. They’ve never given me any problems. Autozone/Duralast and Napa reman are both reboxed Cardone.

Are Surtrack CV axles any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Good axle for such a cheap price tag! Seems to fit nicely, haven’t had vibration at all with this unit like many others have with various aftermarket axles. The axles seem built fairly well for only $50-60.

Where are Cardone CV axles made?


Is the CV joint part of the axle?

Constant Velocity Joints The axle, also known as the CV assembly, is comprised of a series of universal joints and shafts engineered to enhance stability and handling while driving.

Should I replace both CV axles?

CV joints and boots can be replaced individually, but most professional technicians and even do-it-yourselfers prefer to replace the whole halfshaft assembly with a remanufactured shaft. On a high-mileage vehicle with a bad CV joint or boot, it’s often a good idea to replace both shafts at the same time.

How long should CV axles last?

A factory CV joint on a car made in the last several years has the likelihood to last you for a solid 180,000 miles or more. So basically, these things are meant to last. Thirty years ago, the lifespan of a CV joint was considerably less but you could still hope to get anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 miles out of one.

Is a bad axle dangerous?

If one of your axles is broken, do not drive the car. It’s not safe. If you notice a bumping, clicking or grinding noise when going into turns, your axle isn’t broken yet, but it’s only a matter of time. When your axle fails, it’s possible that you’ll lose control of the car, possibly causing an accident or crashing.

Can a axle be fixed?

In most cases a bent axle cannot be repaired and must be replaced. A bad axle will lead to other damage to your vehicle down the line. So it’s critical that the axle be in great condition to avoid other costly repairs.

What causes a broken axle?

What causes a broken axle? If your car shocks are becoming worn, hitting any bump or pothole in the road could cause damage to your car axles. Because the axle is constantly rotating and flexing to accommodate different road conditions, it can wear out and fail, resulting in a broken axle.

Are left and right CV axles the same?

Yes, the transmission “end” of the left side axle is completely different from the transmission “end” on the right side. Consequently, the two axles are not interchangeable and that applies to both automatic and manual transmission versions of this vehicle.

What is the difference between a CV joint and a CV axle?

A CV axle has two CV joints (an inner joint and an outer joint). CV joints are packed with grease for lubrication. To keep the grease in the joint and moisture, dirt and roadway grime out, the joint is covered with a rubber boot called a CV boot.

What will happen if your CV joint goes out?

If a CV joint begins to fail while driving, your car will start to pull to one side as one wheel loses power. When the joint breaks completely its corresponding wheel will no longer turn and although the engine may still run, the car won’t move.

Are CV axles different sizes?

Well they make 2 different sizes of axles, one is a 90MM and the other is a 100mm. But what I have seen is that the diameter of the steel shafts are wider on some than others.