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Who played with Nirvana MTV Unplugged?

Who played with Nirvana MTV Unplugged?

Cris and Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets joined to perform three Meat Puppets songs with Nirvana. The set ended with a performance of the traditional song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”, following the arrangement of blues musician Lead Belly, whom Cobain described before the song as “his favorite performer ever”.

Was Kurt Cobain on drugs MTV Unplugged?

Kurt Cobain was reportedly going through withdrawal “They told me that, ‘He’s not going to make it on the show if we don’t help him out,'” said Finnerty. “And I was like, ‘I’ve never done heroin, and I don’t know where to find it. ‘” Cobain reportedly got through the performance by taking Valium.

Where was Nirvana MTV Unplugged?

New York
27 years ago today, Nirvana recorded MTV Unplugged In New York – live at Sony Music Studios in New York.

Who are the members of Nirvana on Unplugged?

Unlike prior MTV Unplugged performances, which were entirely acoustic, Nirvana used electric amplification and guitar effects during the set. They were joined by rhythm guitarist Pat Smear and cellist Lori Goldston, plus members of Meat Puppets for some songs.

Who was on MTV Unplugged in New York?

MTV Unplugged in New York. In a break with traditional practice on the television series, Nirvana played mainly lesser-known material and cover versions of songs by the Vaselines, David Bowie, Lead Belly, and Meat Puppets, whose Cris and Curt Kirkwood joined Nirvana onstage.

Where was Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance filmed?

Nirvana taped their performance for MTV Unplugged on November 18, 1993, at Sony Studios in New York City. Cobain suggested that the stage be decorated with stargazer lilies, black candles, and a crystal chandelier.

What kind of music is played on Unplugged?

The term “unplugged” has come to refer to music that would usually be played on electrified instruments (such as an electric guitar or synthesizer) but is rendered instead on instruments that can be played without electricity, for example acoustic guitar or traditional piano, although a microphone is still used.