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Who should I listen to if I like hozier?

Who should I listen to if I like hozier?

Similar To

  • AnnenMayKantereit.
  • ERIC.
  • Isaac Gracie.
  • James Bay.
  • James Vincent McMorrow.
  • KALEO.
  • Lewis Capaldi.
  • Lorde.

What should I listen to if I like Joy Division?

Similar To

  • Bauhaus.
  • The Cure.
  • The Fall.
  • The Sound.
  • Wire.
  • A Certain Ratio.
  • Crispy Ambulance.
  • Depeche Mode.

Who have the Smiths influenced?

10 Bands That Owe the Smiths a Round

  • Modest Mouse.
  • Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds.
  • The xx.
  • Blur.
  • Grizzly Bear.
  • Glasvegas.
  • Frightened Rabbit.
  • Pulp.

What should I listen to if I like the Smiths?

Similar To

  • Kirsty MacColl.
  • Orange Juice.
  • R.E.M.
  • The Cure.
  • The Go-Betweens.
  • The Housemartins.
  • Billy Bragg.
  • Bradford.

What music style is hozier?

Hozier (musician)

Genres Blues rock alternative soul folk R&B
Occupation(s) Musician singer songwriter
Instruments Vocals guitar piano
Years active 2008–present

What style of music is Imagine Dragons?

Imagine Dragons/Genres

Who does Interpol sound like?

Similar To

  • Bloc Party.
  • Clinic.
  • Editors.
  • Franz Ferdinand.
  • British Sea Power.
  • French Kicks.
  • Liars.
  • Paul Banks.

Did The Smiths ever have a Number 1?

The Smiths had two UK Official Album Chart Number 1s, with 1985’s Meat Is Murder, which invented vegetarianism, and Best 1, a compilation released in 1992.

Are The Smiths depressing?

It may come as no surprise to some but The Smiths were one of the most miserable bands ever – according to an analysis of their lyrics. A study of the sentiment of more than 6,000 songs by the Trinity Mirror Data Unit has revealed that out of The Smiths’ back catalogue only 5.2 per cent of their songs were happy.

Are Smiths New Wave?

The Smiths were the definitive British indie rock band of the ’80s, marking the end of synth-driven new wave and the beginning of the guitar rock that dominated English rock into the ’90s.