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Who was Madame Kovarian?

Who was Madame Kovarian?

Madame Kovarian was an associate of the religious movement the Silence, representing the Kovarian Chapter.

What happened to Madame Kovarian?

In all likelihood, Kovarian would have been electrocuted to death by the Eye Drive or her former minions. After reality reasserts itself, the events that transpired in that alternate timeline are aborted. However, Amy still remembers the events, including leaving Kovarian to die, and concludes that they still happened.

Who is the woman with the eye patch Doctor Who?

Madame Kovarian
Doctor Who (TV Series 2005– ) – Frances Barber as Eye Patch Lady, Madame Kovarian – IMDb.

Is Madame Kovarian River Song?

She was also responsible for robbing Amy Pond and Rory Williams of their child, Melody Pond (AKA River Song) and conditioning her into the perfect assassin capable of killing the Doctor. She was portrayed by Frances Barber.

Who stole Melody Pond?

In “A Good Man Goes to War”, her baby —named Melody Pond —is kidnapped by the eye-patched woman, Madame Kovarian, who will train her to one day kill the Doctor.

Who took Melody Pond?

Melody was stolen from her parents as a newborn baby by Madame Kovarian, to become a weapon of the Silence in their crusade against the Doctor.

Who is the father of Amy Ponds baby?

1. River is born – A Good Man Goes to War (2011) The mid-season cliffhanger shockingly reveals that Amy Pond gave birth to a child at the hands of Madame Kovarian, who is destined to be a weapon against the Doctor.

Is Amy Pond the Doctor’s daughter?

It is not until the character’s ninth appearance that it is revealed that River was born Melody Pond, the daughter of the eleventh Doctor’s companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), alongside whom Kingston had already appeared six previous times in series five and six of the show.

Who is Madame Kovarian in doctor who?

Madame Kovarian is the main antagonist of the 2011 series of Doctor Who. As a leading member of the Church of the Silence, she plotted to bring about the death of the Doctor as she believed that he would one day bring about the end of the universe.

Why did Madame Kovarian go to Dorium Maldovar?

Madame Kovarian and Colonel Manton visited Dorium Maldovar to ask him what he knows; they had been on Yellow Alert for a month and the Doctor hadn’t done anything. Dorium explained that there were numerous people throughout time and space who owe the Doctor a debt for helping them; he’s gathering an army.

Why did Amy take revenge on Madame Kovarian?

The Silence began electrifying the Eye Drives, including Kovarian’s. She pleaded with Amy to save her, but Amy took revenge on her for the abduction of her baby by forcibly reinserting her Eye Drive and leaving her to die. Amy remembered this after that reality disintegrated and was conflicted over her actions.

How did Kovarian get River to kill the Doctor?

Kovarian taunted her over her capture as a baby and her role in the Doctor’s death. With Silents and soldiers from the Church, she took River and forced her into an astronaut suit with an upgraded weapons system which controlled her nervous system. River was taken to 22 April 2011 and submerged in Lake Silencio to lie in wait to kill the Doctor.