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Who was the creator of the TV series Pan Am?

Who was the creator of the TV series Pan Am?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pan Am is an American period drama television series created by writer Jack Orman. Named for the iconic Pan American World Airways, the series features the aircraft pilots and stewardesses of the airline as it operated in the early 1960s at the beginning of the commercial Jet Age.

Who is Kelli Garner in the TV show Pan Am?

Kelli Garner as Catherine “Kate” Cameron, an experienced, trilingual stewardess and Laura Cameron’s older, head-strong sister. During the pilot episode, Kate is recruited by the CIA and starts taking early assignments as a covert operative.

What was the name of the movie Ashley Greene was in?

She reunited with her Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz in the movie A Warrior’s Heart (2011), and also starred in thriller film Summer’s Blood (2009) and the Dark Castle Entertainment horror film The Apparition (2012). In 2013, Greene starred in the historical film CBGB about the former Manhattan music club with the same name.

Who are the parents of Ashley Greene the actress?

Ashley Greene (I) Ashley Michele Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida to parents Michele (Tatum), an insurance broker, and Joseph Lacy Greene, US Marine who runs a concrete business.

Why did the TV show Pan Am end?

In other words, ABC may have been looking for another hit to replace the aging “Desperate Housewives,” the long-running drama series that would end in May 2012. Ultimately, Robbie implies, the quick change-up in direction tanked the show. “After the fifth episode, you see this abrupt change in content.

Is there going to be a season 2 of Pan Am?

If they’re rehiring writers, it’s obviously not doing well,” Robbie said. Around late November 2011, cast member Karine Vanasse tweeted about filming one more episode of the show, and many interpreted that meant the series canceled — ABC denied this and said it was still “in contention” for a Season 2 pickup.

Where was the TV series Pan Am filmed?

The pilot was filmed partly at Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage on Long Island. According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, a life-size recreation of a Pan Am 707 jet is “the biggest star of the series—in all senses.”