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Who was the patron of Henri IV receives the portrait of Marie de Medici?

Who was the patron of Henri IV receives the portrait of Marie de Medici?

Peter Paul Rubens
Henri IV Receives the Portrait of of Marie de’Medici, from the Marie de’Medici Cycle, Peter Paul Rubens.

Where is the Marie de Medici cycle?

Louvre Museum
Portrait of Marie de Medici/Locations

Why did Marie de Medici Rubens?

Louis’ mother, Marie, acted as his regent as commanded by the Frankish Salic law in case of an infant ruler. In 1621, Marie de’ Medici commissioned Rubens to paint two large series depicting the lives of herself and her late husband, Henry IV, to adorn both wings of the first floor of the Luxembourg Palace.

Who did Marie de Medici marry?

Henry IV of Francem. 1600–1610
Marie de’ Medici/Spouse

She became queen consort of France in 1600 when she married Henri IV, following the annulment of his first marriage. After Henri’s assassination in 1610, she served as regent to her son, the future Louis XIII, but her capricious style of rule and reversal of her husband’s policies caused Louis to exile her in 1617.

Which aristocratic patron hired Peter Paul Rubens to paint the historical allegorical works for the Luxembourg Palace in Paris?

This canvas is the sixth in a series of twenty-four paintings on the life of Marie de’ Medici commissioned by the queen herself from Peter Paul Rubens in 1622 to adorn one of the two galleries in the Luxembourg Palace, her newly-built home in Paris.

Why did Rubens create arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles?

1622-1625 Baroque painting done by Sir Peter Paul Rubens. It was commissioned by Marie de’ Medici of France to commemorate the life of her and her husband Henry IV of France.

Who painted the arrival and reception of Marie de Medici at Marseilles?

Peter Paul Rubens, Arrival (or Disembarkation) of Marie de Medici at Marseilles – Smarthistory.

Was the queen of France a Medici?

Who was Catherine de’ Medici? Catherine de’ Medici was the queen consort of Henry II of France (1547–59) and regent of France. She was one of the most influential personalities of the Catholic–Huguenot wars (Wars of Religion; 1562–98).

Which aristocratic patron hired Peter Paul Rubens?

In 1603 the duke of Mantua asked Rubens to serve as a cultural envoy to the court of Philip III of Spain. On behalf of his patron, Rubens took a number of official presents, including some paintings, and remained at the Spanish court for eight months.