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Why did Shayna leave Selling Houses Australia?

Why did Shayna leave Selling Houses Australia?

Shaynna Blaze announced in March she would be leaving Selling Houses Australia after more than a decade on the lifestyle program. Shaynna announced her departure from Selling Houses Australia in March. The interior design guru is leaving the show, which is one of Foxtel’s biggest hits, due to a schedule clash.

Who is replacing Charlie on selling houses?

The purchase follows Charlie’s decision late last year to quit Foxtel’s Selling Houses Australia to join the Better Homes and Gardens team, replacing Jason Hodges.

Who is replacing Charlie on Selling Houses Australia?

Replacing Charlie Albone, the long-time garden guru on the property program, country Queensland-born Scott has been welcomed to the show by Gold Logie-nominated presenter Andrew Winter and their LifeStyle Channel boss and former House Rules judge, Wendy Moore.

When was Series 7 of Selling Houses Australia filmed?

In its seventh series, which aired in 2014, the show became the highest rating series in Foxtel history, reaching a cumulative average of 603,000 viewers per episode, and “2.6 million unique people, equivalent to 37% of all Foxtel subscribers” across the series.

Is there a Selling Houses Australia 2021?

Foxtel’s Selling Houses Australia returns to production for its 14th season for the LifeStyle channel. Foxtel today announced Award-winning host and real estate expert Andrew Winter will be joined by new presenters, interior design expert Wendy Moore and landscape designer Dennis Scott.

What is the latest series of Selling Houses Australia?

Selling Houses Australia , Season 14 will be coming to FOXTEL’s LifeStyle channel in 2022 but in the mean time you can watch or stream Seasons 1-13 On Demand.

Is Selling Houses Australia on binge?

Other flagship local titles, including Wentworth and Selling Houses Australia will not be available, which suggests Foxtel has made strategic decisions to retain unique content and minimise any cannibalising. But for viewers without a full Foxtel or Foxtel Now subscription, Binge looks to be a tempting offering.

Where is Charlie Albone going now?

He decided to move to Australia and has been living ever since. He completed a diploma of horticulture and landscape design and started his own landscaping company called Inspired Exteriors. Albone is married to stylist, interior designer and television host Juliet Love and they have two children.

Who is Charlie Albones wife?

Juliet Lovem. 2010
Charlie Albone/Wife

Is there a series 14 of Selling Houses Australia?

Is there a season 14 of Selling Houses Australia?

Which app has Selling Houses Australia?

You can watch full episodes of Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel. This is part of the Foxtel Plus channel pack, which is included in all Foxtel bundles on a 12-month plan or a no lock-in contract. You can also watch full episodes of Selling Houses Australia by starting a 10-day free trial with Foxtel Now.