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Can I add 5 lines to Metro?

Can I add 5 lines to Metro?

MetroPCS family plans with 5 lines are a great choice for families who want to stay connected, but don’t want to get stuck in a long-term contract. For a limited time, when you sign up for two lines, you can get a third for free!

How much is it for 5 lines on cricket?

*Data speed 8 Mbps. Video streaming at 1.5 Mbps (about 480p)….What is the Cricket Core Plan?

Number of Lines on Account Total Monthly Cost Total Monthly Savings
4 $100 $120
5 $125 $150

How much is it for 2 lines on MetroPCS?

Metro Family Plans

10GB Data Plan $50 Unlimited Data Plan
Single Line $40/month $50/month
2 lines $70/month $80/month
3 Lines $100/month $110/month
4 Lines $130/month $140/month

How many lines can I have with Metro PCS?

five lines
Family plan: Metro customers can have up to five lines on one account, with a $10, $20 or $30+ discount for each additional line, depending on the plan.

What is the $40 plan for Metro PCS?

The $40 service plan offers unlimited talk, text, 4G Web browsing with unlimited YouTube access. The $50 service plan includes the same unlimited talk, text, 4G Web services and unlimited YouTube access as the $40 plan.

How much is Metro PCS 3 lines?

One line is $50, 2 lines are $80, 3 lines are $90, 4 lines are $100, with each line receiving unlimited data at up to LTE speeds on handset.

Can you have 5 lines on cricket?

Bringing over several lines on a new account at Cricket is now easier than ever online. When signing up for new services online, you can add up to five lines before completing the checkout process. To be eligible for a Group Save discount, you must have at least two lines of service on plans that cost $40/mo or more.

How much is it for 6 lines on cricket?

6 lines = $140 per month.

What is the $40 plan for MetroPCS?

How much is it for one line at MetroPCS?

How much does MetroPCS charge to add a line?

When adding a line, customers will be charged $30 for the new line on their first billing cycle. The $30 fee is different from the $20 per line activation fee. Both costs are required to add new lines to a Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plan, although the company sometimes runs promotions to waive this fee.