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Can you reuse TERRO Fruit Fly Trap?

Can you reuse TERRO Fruit Fly Trap?

REUSABLE – Once caught, fruit flies drown in the non-toxic liquid attractant. When the trap is full, it can be emptied, cleaned, and stored for future use. Attractant refills are available for purchase.

What is the liquid in the TERRO Fruit Fly Trap?

The non-toxic vinegar found in the TERRO Fruit Fly Trap lures the flies to the traps and eliminates the infestation. Within a few days of placing the trap near a breeding source, you should see a significant decrease in the number of fruit flies.

How long do Terro fruit fly traps take to work?

30 days
YOUR FRUIT FLY QUESTIONS ANSWERED Traps are most effective when placed near fruit fly breeding sites, such as drains, dishwashers, kitchen counters and bowls of fruit. The trap continues to work for 30 days, after which it can be disposed of in the trash.

How much is a fruit fly trap?

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How does a Terro fruit fly trap work?

With the Terro Fruit Fly Trap, you can get the best of these annoying household pests in no time. This fast-acting trap uses a liquid bait to lure adult fruit flies inside. Flies that enter the trap are unable to escape and continue breeding.

How does a fruit fly trap get rid of flies?

Empty half of the bottle into each trap. Fruit flies depend on moist organic debris. The trap attracts adult fruit flies to the trap using a special food-based liquid lure. Flies that enter the trap through one of the many funnel-shaped holes are unable to escape and continue breeding.

How big are the fly traps at Walmart?

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What do you need to know about Terro ant killer?

About TERRO® For more than a century, TERRO® has been the trusted name in insect control. Our innovative products are the gold standard in home ant control and beyond. Look for our bright orange packaging on a variety of products, including liquid ant killer, aerosol sprays, perimeter treatments and other products for your home and business.