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What are the certificates of the best IT professionals?

Everyone knows that professional computer education implies a diploma and certificates. Depending on which specialization you have chosen, the certificates received by you will also differ.

What knowledge and certificates are in demand today in the IT market?

What are the certificates of the best IT professionals?

About this and many other things in our article.


The most demanded profession in IT today is the programmer. In this case, there are several dozens of different programming languages and specializations that a programmer should know. The more certificates an expert has, the more knowledge he has learned in training. Is there any difference, where, how and what certificate was received? The answer is yes, and big. For example, in the labor market, certificates of world famous companies – Microsoft and Cisco – are highly valued. During the time of obtaining a computer education, you can pass the above certification in an authorized certification center.


Among the IT people there are conversations that certificates are not needed because they do not always reflect the real knowledge of the certificate holder. In addition, the certificate does not guarantee the availability of practical knowledge. Nevertheless, employers in most cases pay attention to the availability of certificates from a candidate for a vacancy or an employee. For these and other reasons, the practice of obtaining certificates is not very common among designers. But students who are trained in the specialties associated with computer graphics, during training receive international certificates from Adobe and Autodesc.


For beginners who are just beginning to learn and work in IT, administration can seem like one of the simplest professions. However, certificates for system administrators and network engineers, for example, are usually greater than those of programmers or designers. Moreover, certificates in these areas are often limited by the validity period, for example, for a year, after which it is necessary to undergo certification again. This is due to the constant updating of the hardware and software parts of the complexes, therefore the best IT specialists in the field of administration usually have several dozen certificates that are constantly updated and supplemented with new confirmations of the level of knowledge.

What certificates are needed by an IT specialist?

Depending on the direction of the activity, the names of the required certificates will differ. For example, if you want to promote on the Internet and be one of the best IT specialists, you definitely need certificates in this area. To develop and get new knowledge in IT is necessary all the time, and if today you have mastered the basics of promotion in Youtube, then tomorrow you may well need a Google partner certificate. It should be noted that despite the existing opinion that the certificates do not reflect the real level of knowledge – it is impossible to pass the exam and get a certificate in 99%, without knowledge.

Among the world’s leading IT specialists, there is a joke that knowledge and certificates do not exist much. The truth of life is that independent learning does not always lead to positive results. In order to be guaranteed to get the necessary knowledge with a teacher in the field of programming, design or administration, you should take courses to the IT company that provides them. Upon completion of training, you will not only have a diploma of successful completion of training, but also certificates of the international standard. The set of these supporting documents is the same list of certificates that the best IT specialists of the world have.