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Where can IT students earn money?

The eternal question of the student – how and where to make money? Many students work in companies, but not always this source of income is convenient for everyone. Permanent work in the company has its advantages, among which the main thing is the stability of income. But how do students who do not have enough income at their main job or those who do not have permanent work earn money? The answer is simple – in freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelance is the earnings for free employees, who are called freelancers. Typically freelance runs one-time projects, and contrary to frequent misconceptions, freelance can also find permanent remote work.

The essence of the work in freelancing is that there are customers who need to do some work. Customers are companies or individuals who are not profitable to hire employees in the state for permanent work to perform a small or one-time workload.

For example, if a company needs to develop a logo once, then it’s better to order a logo from a freelancer. Because signing contracts with another company or hiring a permanent employee will take much longer and will cost more. In turn, a freelancer can make a few logos for a month for different companies who came to freelance for the solution of such a problem.

By the way, in freelancing customers order not only logos, but also work on computer administration, programming, and in total there are more than 120 different categories for different IT specializations.

Why is it profitable for students to earn money on freelancing?

Advantages in freelancing is a free schedule and the availability of a large demand for specialists of different profiles. Among the shortcomings of freelancing – a fickle earnings, but in the case of students – it is rather an advantage.

Today, there are more than 100 freelance sites for free workers from around the world. Absence of the need to invest money to start work, to have obligations to go to work every day and go to the office, makes earnings on the freelance for students very attractive. After all, you can get a project in the course of the day in the work, execute it for another day, get paid, and rest the rest. Given the level of earnings in the IT field, many students have enough money to earn in freelancing.

How to start earning money on freelancing?

To get started on freelancing, you just need to register a profile on one of the freelance sites, fill it in and add examples of your work in the portfolio. After that, you can add your suggestions that you can perform the specific work that is required by the customer.

Note that many freelance sites make different restrictions for freelancers, for example, by the number of offers that a freelancer can send to different customers. Also, very often to work in freelance sites you need to buy paid accounts for access to high-paying orders.