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Five pros and cons of a programmer Part 1

What first comes to your mind when you learn about the man that he IT officer, programmer or developer? He earns well, works in a foreign company, understands computers. And how actually things work from the experts? Today let’s talk about the pros and cons of the profession of the programmer.

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High income

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the IT industry offers the highest wages. This is a global trend. For example in the US the median salary of a developer in C# is $60-100 thousand a year (excluding bonuses) depending on the item level.

An additional bonus to the income is attached that it is tied to the dollar or the Euro, against the background of unstable national currencies provides an even greater level of material security.

Moreover, a number of IT companies offer its employees with preferential conditions for crediting the construction of housing, which is very important for young professionals.

Free schedule

Throughput mode, working with 9 to 18, is strictly regulated by the arrival and departure from the workplace – all this is not about modern high-tech company. Office of most IT companies is a complex to create a pleasant work atmosphere, service and loyalty to employees. The work schedule is often not fixed and allows to vary the time of occurrence in the office from 9 to 14 hours. The main requirement is the completion of tasks in time.

For example, every employee of the Moscow office of Google can use 20% of working time on own projects. In addition, the company fully pays the employees in the office.

Separate intellectual caste

As we said, said one IT expert, a programmer is not a profession but a way of life. In addition to high social status is and obscure for the uninitiated, topics for discussion, their slang, their party and interests.

Also, the programmer by default, is considered a person of highly intellectual and educated. It is precisely those people with whom you can discuss the latest book Hawking, the latest news about the hadron Collider and the eternal theme “Android vs iOS”.

The prospect of working for a large foreign company

IT line of work involves constant training, internship and experience exchange. Therefore, the programmer has probably one of the highest chances to plunge into Western corporate standards already in the beginning of his career. Thus for the most capable employees always goes hunting on the part of successful companies. The IT industry in this respect like a black hole that constantly needs staff.

If you were able to Express themselves in the field of programming and have an excellent command of foreign language can find a job in the foreign office. It is a completely different income level, and other professional opportunities.

The profession of the future

Progress is moving in leaps and bounds. Already, there are cars with the autopilot, the Internet of things penetrates into everyday life, the smartphone becomes a personal intelligent assistant, and robots compete with Chinese workers in the factories. Behind all this progress in the IT industry, which is constantly in need of highly qualified specialists. After all, someone has to configure and program all these gadgets and robots.

It’s safe to say that before the invention of full-fledged AI (artificial intelligence) programmers will be in demand.