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Five pros and cons of a programmer Part 2

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The difficulties of the profession

However, it should be borne in mind that without a tar spoon has not managed in the ointment for programmers. Let’s talk about the cons of the profession, but rather about the difficulties that must be overcome to become a true professional.

It is not for everyone

The job of a programmer for a reason well paid in any country of the world. The complexity of programming languages, demands of the profession to the mathematical ability, perseverance and analytical mind weed out a large number of people enter the IT field.

On the other hand, to overcome these difficulties will help you a great desire and persistence. Two hundred years ago the planet was not a programmer and the people, in the end, came to the profession from other industries.

At the very first stage of mastering the profession you will be able to feel “chosen”. After all, you did it! Completed training, received their first experience and ready to take on a real software product.

It is impossible to get the result the first time

Fans to get the results of his work here and now better and close not to approach to the profession of programmer. No serious (or even part of it) is not written correctly the first time. Regular debug, test, fix, hunt bugs and protection from unreasonable user that programmers do not like and that is a necessary evil of their job.

“Worst-first” – this story is not about programmers. They are all lumpy pancakes – from first to last. It is here that you will need perseverance, perseverance and tremendous patience to bring your product to working condition.

At the same time – it’s a direct clue to work with. If something does not work the first time, it does not matter, it is a common thing, you just need to “roll up sleeves” and check the code for errors.

Fidgets don’t belong here

The programmer is permanently bound to your workplace. If you do not like to sit in the office for 8-10 hours to spend on the computer, you have to think about choosing another profession.

This, oddly enough, has its advantages. The fact that most IT companies try to make the workplace for their employees the most comfortable. And this and play areas right in the office, room of rest and relaxation, modern equipment for work and many other “buns”, which are the normal office worker can only dream about.

It is impossible to stop the development

Remember the phrase from “Alice in the looking glass”: “Here, you know, you have to run just to stay in the same place, and in order to get somewhere else you need to run twice as fast”. She fully describes the situation in the IT industry. Given that this is the most rapidly growing and developing industry, you constantly need to learn something new.

It costs you at least a couple of months to relax and your colleagues will go on, and you will be the company’s weakest link. Programmers normally read little fiction, but sifting through the “tons” of professional publications. If you don’t like to read in my profession you do nothing.

By the way, this disadvantage is easily plus, if you’re constantly learning something new, to hone your skills. For such an active and ever-growing IT companies often arrange themselves “hunting”.

High level of proficiency in English

What can I say, technical English level free reading of specialized literature – just must have. English language for the programmer is the native language of the profession, without it today, just did.

On the other hand this is a plus. With a good knowledge of English you’ll be fine almost anywhere in the world. In addition, many IT companies offer English training courses for their employees, including interns.

The pros of the profession of programmer:

  • High income;
  • Free schedule;
  • Separate intellectual caste;
  • The prospect of working for a large foreign company;
  • The profession of the future.

The difficulties of the profession of programmer:

  • It is not for everyone;
  • It is impossible to get the result the first time;
  • Fidgets is not suitable;
  • It is impossible to stop the development;
  • High level of proficiency in English;

If you clearly decide that you want to be a programmer and are ready to overcome possible difficulties on the way to the top IT careers, you know at least 10 pros of the profession. After all, even with due perseverance and desire turns into your personal plus.