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How do I check my Obamacare status?

How do I check my Obamacare status?

Verify your enrollment online

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your name in the top right and select “My applications & coverage” from the dropdown.
  3. Select your completed application under “Your existing applications.”
  4. Here you’ll see a summary of your coverage.

Is Obamacare available in NC?

Obamacare requires all those who are able to afford health insurance to maintain coverage. Individuals and families in North Carolina with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level can apply for subsidies to help pay for a portion of their premiums when they enroll in Obamacare health insurance plans.

How much does Obamacare cost in NC?

Lowest monthly SHOP health insurance premiums in North Carolina

Lowest premiums for SHOP health insurance plans in each “metal” category
Enrollee Age Bronze Gold
Enrollee Age 30 $306.61 $431.91
Enrollee Age 40 $345.24 $486.33
Enrollee Age 50 $482.47 $679.64

What proof of income do I need for Obamacare?

The most common documentation for proof of income includes: Pay stub. Bank Statements (personal & business) Copy of last year’s federal tax return. Wages and tax statement (W-2 and/ or 1099)

How does Obamacare affect health insurance in North Carolina?

Under Obamacare, the cost of individual and family plans in North Carolina depends on five factors, these are: Insurers cannot exclude anyone from coverage due to their age; however, health insurance rates do go up as a person gets older. In addition, insurers are permitted to charge smokers 50% more than non-smokers.

Is there a health insurance exchange in North Carolina?

North Carolina did not elect to create its own state run Exchange and therefore operates on the Federal Exchange. Subsidy – Based on the income graph below, the federal government may help pay a portion of your health insurance costs.

When does the open enrollment period for Obamacare end?

Open or Annual Enrollment Period (OEP or AEP): The yearly period when people can enroll in health insurance. Open Enrollment for 2017 begins on Nov 1, 2016 and ends on Jan 31, 2017.

What are the health insurance levels in North Carolina?

The level of plan selected will also impact the cost of health insurance for an individual or family in North Carolina. Under Obamacare, health insurance plans are divided into four primary metallic levels: bronze, silver, gold or platinum. The rates for these plans differ based on the percentage of medical costs each plan will cover.