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How do I get a copy of my WACE certificate?

How do I get a copy of my WACE certificate?

If you completed the WACE, or its equivalent, download the form ‘Application for a copy of results with BPAY_BPOINT’ from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, to have your graduation documents reissued. Available records date back to 1976. Direct email enquiries to [email protected]

What happens if you dont get your WACE certificate?

If students don’t achieve a WACE, they can still study WACE units over multiple years. Credit from each WACE unit can contribute towards a certificate over a lifetime. The requirements may change over time. Students will need to meet the minimum requirements that apply in their final year of study to achieve a WACE.

How do I get my WACE results?

The student portal is accessible for Year 12 students from 2016 onwards. For results from prior to 2016, please complete the Application Form — Copy of Results/Certificate of secondary education in Western Australia. The completed form can be emailed to [email protected]

What is certificate of Merit WA?

A Certificate of Merit or a Certificate of Distinction is to be awarded to each eligible student who, in their last three consecutive years of senior secondary school WACE enrolment, accumulates: 150–189 points = a Certificate of Merit. 190–200 points = a Certificate of Distinction.

How do I find my Wace candidate number?

Your user ID is your WACE candidate number. Your WACE candidate number can be found on your SmartRider card.

Is there still a school certificate NSW?

The NSW Government announced the abolition of the School Certificate after 2011, with students in year 10 that year being the final cohort to sit the external examinations and receive the qualification.

What happens if you don’t pass OLNA in Year 12?

If a student has not passed the required level of achievement in the OLNA testings, the pupil does not receive WACE. If a pupil finishes year 12 of High School without a certificate of education, they are unable to continue onwards to Universities in Western Australia.

How many C’s do you need to graduate?

You will be required to achieve 14 C Grades (or equivalents, see below) in Year 11 and Year 12 units, including at least six C grades in Year 12 units (or equivalents).

What is a good ATAR score?

What is a good ATAR score? The average ATAR score is around 70.00, but this isn’t representative of every student in Australia. Some don’t achieve an ATAR score at all because they leave school earlier, and if everyone was ranked, the average would naturally be 50.00.

What is my WACE number?

What is Certificate of Merit in school?

Merit means “worthiness or excellence.” If you receive a certificate of merit in school, you are being recognized for doing a good job. As a verb, merit means “deserve.” Your certificate might merit a prominent place on your bulletin board!

What is a certificate of distinction?

The student has achieved an average equal or greater than 94 percent and passed with Distinction, which has been noted on the certificate. Category: Courses.