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What does Sid mean RockShox?

What does Sid mean RockShox?

Today saw RockShox release two all-new SID forks (and a shock), but the ‘Superlight Integrated Design’ acronym has been around since 1998 when the original version debuted with puny 28mm stanchion tubes and just 60mm of travel.

How much travel does the RockShox Sid have?

The SID has 35mm stanchions and 120mm travel only, beefing up the SID and filling a gap in the newly developed XC+, down-country bike world. The SID SL gets the superlight treatment and keeps its 32mm stanchions and 100mm travel only. Before Rockshox made these two models, there was a small gap in the fork lineup.

What is SID fork?

The new SID is a great, lightweight fork that’s sensitive, comfortable and more than tough enough to be ridden hard. Pros: Chassis, spring and damper combine to give a great balance of comfort and control; solid lockout; nicely sensitive initial stroke but still supportive when pushed hard.

How do you lengthen a RockShox fork?

How to increase the travel of your RockShox Pike

  1. Make sure your fork and work space is clean.
  2. Have an oil pan ready to catch any oil.
  3. Remove the top cap with a 24mm socket.
  4. Pull the air assembly free – it might need a bit of a wiggle.
  5. Make sure the inside of the stanchion is spotlessly clean using isopropyl alcohol.

Is Sid once a day?

Similar mistakes could also occur in veterinary medicine….Commonly Misinterpreted Abbreviations.

Abbreviation used Intended as Misread as
SID Once daily BID (twice daily) and QID (four times daily)

What Sid means?


Acronym Definition
SID Society for Information Display
SID Sports Information Director
SID Security Identifier
SID Special Improvement District

What is the lightest RockShox?

The all-new MY2021 Rockshox SID SL reclaims its title as the lightest modern 29er XC suspension fork on the market. And it does that without compromising stiffness or giving up features.

What are the best RockShox?

BEST BUY RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 2021 The RockShox Lyrik RC2 took our Best in Test in 2018 and the latest Ultimate model is still the standard by which all other forks are measured.

What does SID stand for?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) – sometimes known as “cot death” – is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. Most deaths happen during the first 6 months of a baby’s life. Infants born prematurely or with a low birthweight are at greater risk.

What’s the weight of the RockShox Sid Fork?

SID – The 120mm travel XC/trail fork with 35mm upper tubes, a beefier chassis and a claimed weight of 1527g As if that wasn’t enough, RockShox has also launched a new rear shock called the SIDLuxe.

How big is the air spring on a RockShox Sid?

One option that is available is a shorter air spring that brings travel down to 110mm. Apparently this is what the men on the Scott-SRAM team have been using, and it’s certainly an intriguing option for XC racers who might want a beefier option than a 32mm fork, but without going to the full 120mm travel.

What’s the difference between RockShox race day and Sid ultimate?

The slimification process has dropped a good chunk of weight – RockShox has saved nearly 100g in the damper alone compared to the previous SID. The Charger Race Day damper (below) is quite a bit slimmer than the regular Charger 2.1 damper (above). As a result, it’s a lot lighter.

Which is the weirdest Rock Shox Fork ever made?

LOL Same, and then the first fox was introduced and it was an amazing day… 2002-2003 time line. I nominate the Boxxer “Ride” with U-Turn travel adjust as runner-up to the SID DC as weirdest mass-market fork Rock Shox ever made. 133-178mm travel – that’s like 2′ of HA adjust!