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What is a 3602 form?

What is a 3602 form?

A 3602 is a form given to a mailer by the post office as confirmation of mail- ing – showing total pieces mailed and date accepted at the post office.

What is the annual mailing fee for bulk mail?

$245.00 annually
The current price of a USPS bulk mail permit is $245.00 annually. If you’re using Imprint Stamps (indicia) versus a postage meter or Precanceled Stamps you’ll also need to pay a Permit Imprint fee.

How do I fill out a NZ 3602 form?

PS Form 3602-NZ Instructions

  1. Post Office of Mailing. Write the city and state of the post office where you hold your permit;
  2. Mailing Date. Fill in the date when you drop off your mail;
  3. Federal Agency Cost Code.
  4. Statement Sequence Number.
  5. Type of Postage.
  6. Weight of a Single Piece.
  7. Processing Category.
  8. Move Update Method.

How do you send bulk mail?

To get bulk mail postage discounts, your mail must be sorted and placed into USPS containers (trays or sacks) according to USPS rules. Flat-sized pieces, some parcels, and letter-sized pieces with unusual shapes must also first be rubber-banded together into specific “bundles” before being placed into their containers.

How do I pay for bulk mail?

In order to mail at commercial prices, you need to:

  1. Get a mailing permit (permission to mail) and pay an annual mailing fee for each class of mail (First-Class Mail and USPS Marketing Mail).
  2. Pay postage using one of several convenient methods: precanceled stamps, metered postage or permit imprint.

Is bulk mail cheaper than stamps?

Bulk mail is a way to save money on postage by doing things that the Postal Service would usually do, like sorting the mail for them and adding barcodes. USPS passes some of their savings along to you, by charging you lower postage rates. Most bulk mail is what USPS now calls Marketing Mail.

How do I send bulk mail?

Option A: One-Time Mass Mailing

  1. Log in to the software.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click Envelopes, Packages, or International.
  3. Click the Addr button to open the Address Book.
  4. Select the desired address book from the Address Book drop-down list.
  5. Select the check box for each desired recipient.
  6. Click OK.

How much is a mailing permit?

Annual mailing fee: The annual fee for a Marketing Mail permit is $265. But, USPS will waive this fee if all of your Marketing Mail mailings are “full-service” barcoded mailings.

Where can I drop off bulk mail?

If your packages have domestic shipping labels, you can drop them off at USPS collection locations without waiting in line. If the packages fit, you may drop them off at blue collection mailboxes and Post Office mail drop slots. Some Post Offices may also have a designated spot on the counter for prepaid packages.

Are there any discounts for bulk rate mail?

Since we meet all of the US Postal requirements you will receive the best bulk-rate postage discounts available! Postage prices below are the rates charged for bulk rate mail by the US Post Office, which is a range based on your mailing list.

How big does a bulk rate postcard need to be?

(Bulk Rate Mail) Size of Postcard: Minimum Qty: First Class: 25.7¢ to 27.4¢ SMALL: 3½″ x 5″ to 4¼″ x 6″ Minimum of 500 Mail Pieces: 38.3¢ to 42.8¢ JUMBO: 4¼″ x 6″ to 6⅛″ x 11½″ Standard Mail: 25.6¢ to 29.1¢ Minimum Size: 3½″ x 5″ Maximum Size: 6⅛″ x 11½″ Minimum of 200 Mail Pieces: Non-Profit Mail

How much does it cost to send USPS Marketing Mail?

Small parcels. All USPS Marketing Mail prices are bulk prices, and each mailing must meet a minimum quantity of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail. There is no single-piece USPS Marketing Mail postage. In USPS Marketing Mail, there are prices for letters, flats/large envelopes, parcels, Marketing parcels and Parcel Select Lightweight parcels.

What’s the difference between local and national mail rates?

Local mailings will be toward the lowest postage in the range, whereas national mailings will be more towards the upper-end of the postage range. Unlike most online printing companies who offer mailing services, Summit Printing does not mark up postage charged by the USPS.