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What material is FCD450?

What material is FCD450?

Ductile Cast Iron FCD450 Material Excellent Mechanical Character Product Description and Process Ductile Cast Iron FCD450 Material Excellent Mechanical Character Production process includes: green sand casting process pre-coated sand casting process resin sand casting process Weight range: from…

What is material FC200?

Table 12.3 shows the mechanical properties of gray cast iron (FC200). Housings for units within the Clean Series are available in die-cast zinc alloy as well as stainless steel. Housing material for stamped steel units consists of thick gauge cold rolled sheet steel and steel strip.

What are the grades of cast iron?

The 4 Types of Cast Iron

  • #1) Gray Cast Iron. The most common type, gray cast iron features a graphite microstructure consisting of many small fractures.
  • #2) White Cast Iron. While not as common as gray cast iron, white cast iron is another type worth mentioning.
  • #3) Ductile Cast Iron.
  • #4) Malleable Cast Iron.

What is SCPH2 material?

Description on Material JIS-ASTM

Material Description ASTM Standard JIS Standard
Cast Steel A216 SCPH2
A352 SCPL1
Cast Stainless Steel A351 SCS13A

What is FCD material?

Abstract. Nodular cast iron or Ferro casting ductile (FCD) is the developmental result of grey cast iron. Nodular cast iron has mechanical properties similar to carbon steel, which are better than the mechanical properties of grey cast iron. The 1.5 mm/s crosshead speed created a tensile strength of 549.8 N/mm2.

Is 1865 a chemical composition?

Spheroidal or nodular graphite cast iron or ductile iron is a casting alloy of iron and carbon, carbon being present in the spheroidal form. Graphite flakes in cast iron act as discontinuities in the matrix and thus lower its mechanical proper- ties. The sharp corners of the flakes also act as stress raisers.

What is SS400 material equivalent?

Cross reference table for Steel SS400 (JIS ) and its European equivalent S275JR (1.0044) ( EN )

S275JR (1.0044) A283D A529 Gr.D SS400

What is ASTM A536?

ASTM A536 is the American standard specification for ductile iron castings, the main material grades including: Grade 60-40-18.

Who makes cast iron pipe?

American Cast Iron Pipe Company

Type Private company
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1905
Headquarters Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Key people Van L. Richey, (President, CEO) John M. Cook, (Vice President, Finance)

What is the ductile iron?

Ductile iron—also referred to as spheroidal or nodular iron—is actually a group of irons that exhibit high strength, flexibility, durability, and elasticity due to their unique microstructure. Cast ductile iron normally contains over 3 percent carbon; it can be bent, twisted, or deformed without fracturing.

Is 1030 a material specification?

AISI 1030 is a high-carbon steel containing approximately 0.30% carbon that can be hardened by heat treatment to a maximum hardness of approximately Rockwell C 50….AISI 1030 Steel (UNS G10300) in Coil Form.

Element AISI 1030
Carbon 0.28-0.34
Manganese 0.60-0.90
Phosphorus 0.030
Sulfur 0.035

Which is the world equivalent of the grade fcd450?

Worldwide equivalents of grade FCD450 (Japan: JIS ) Cast iron : FCD450. Japan. Standard : JIS. Cross reference table. for Cast iron FCD450 (JIS ) and its European equivalent EN-GJS-450-10 (5.3107) ( EN ) EU. EN. USA.

What is the chemical composition of fcd450-10?

Japan JIS FCD450-10 球墨铸铁件 and Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference.

Which is the equivalent metallic material in JIS standard?

This is to indicate the equivalent metallic material in JIS standard and ASTM standard. However, it is to be noted that this is reference only for users’ convenience and there might be differences in detailed composition etc. 1. PIPE

What kind of material is ASTM remark number A234?

ASTM STANDARD UNS NO. KS/JIS Symbol KS/JIS Number Remark DIN Type DIN Material Remark Number Number A234 Wrought C-and Alloy Piping Fitting for Moderate and Elevated Temp.