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Where is the Washington County MN courthouse?

Where is the Washington County MN courthouse?

101 West Pine Street, Stillwater, Minnesota
Washington County Courthouse (Minnesota)

Washington County Courthouse
Location 101 West Pine Street, Stillwater, Minnesota
Coordinates 45°3′6″N 92°48′27″WCoordinates: 45°3′6″N 92°48′27″W
Area Less than one acre
Built 1867–1870

Are Washington County MN courts open?

Washington County Courts Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What are the hours at the Washington County Courthouse?

Court Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ONLINE PAYMENTS NOW AVAILABLE!

What judicial district is Washington County?

INFORMATION ABOUT COURT RESPONSE TO COVID-19 Beginning June 1, 2020, all judicial facilities in the 27th Judicial District (Washington County) are generally open to the public, subject certain conditions and limitations.

How do I file for divorce in Washington County MN?

How to file for divorce in Washington County | Step-by-Step

  1. Check out your eligibility.
  2. Find your district court.
  3. Obtain and fill out court forms.
  4. File the divorce paperwork with the court clerk.
  5. Serve the spouse the divorce papers.
  6. Get the response from the spouse.
  7. Attend a court hearing.

How do I find court records in Utah?

Searching District and Justice Court Records at the Courthouse

  1. Free public XChange access is available at most district courthouses and may be available in some justice court locations.
  2. Free public XChange access is also available at the Utah State Law Library.

How do you zoom in court?

To attend a hearing by Zoom, go to If this is your first time to use Zoom on that device, you might be prompted to download the app from the AppStore – there is no charge for this app. Click “Join a Meeting” and at the “Join a Meeting” page, put in the Meeting ID: 2158156506.

Can you reschedule a court date in Minnesota?

What can I do? If you call the Court Payment Center (Metro (651) 281-3219, Outside the metro 1 (800) 657-3611) before the date and time of your appointment, you may request a “continuance” to reschedule the appointment.

Why would I get a letter from Circuit court?

Receiving a certified letter from a court official means that the court has communicated with you concerning whichever legal issue is relevant. Courts can use written missives to communicate with you for several reasons; usually they take the form of an order or summons to appear before a judge.

Who are the Washington County judges?

Washington County is now one judicial circuit with four branches. The presiding Judges are James K. Muehlbauer, James G. Pouros, Todd K.

How can I access court records for free?

The websites below are generally trustworthy sources of free dockets and court documents:

  1. SCOTUSblog.
  2. Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases.
  3. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Collection.
  4. National Archives Catalog.
  5. Supreme Court of California Resources (SCOCAL)
  6. California Appellate Briefs.