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Who is on new Australian money?

Who is on new Australian money?

The new $100 note celebrates the contributions of Sir John Monash, a First World War hero as well as engineer and civic leader, and Dame Nellie Melba, an internationally renowned singer who performed globally in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Is Australia getting rid of the $100 note?

In December 2016 it was reported that Australia may abolish its $100 note to close down loopholes used by the black economy. However, the Reserve Bank of Australia officially stated that there are no plans to abolish the $100 note….Australian one-hundred-dollar note.

Design date 29 October 2020

Who is featured on Australian notes?

Australian $100 note The $100 note features legendary soprano Dame Nellie Melba and General Sir John Monash – an eminent soldier, engineer and administrator.

Why is John Flynn on the $20 note?

The banknote celebrates Mary Reibey, a convict who arrived in Australia and later became an astute and successful businesswoman running her shipping and trading enterprises, and John Flynn, who pioneered the world’s first aerial medical service now known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

How much is a $1 Australian note worth?

The $1 notes are a consecutive AAA-prefixed pair valued at $2975. The most desirable of all are consecutively numbered pairs (or more if you’re lucky). For example, a consecutive pair of 1966 $1 notes bearing the first AAA prefix is now valued at $2975.

What do they call Australian money?

Australian dollar
What is the currency in Australia? Australia’s national currency is Australian dollars (AUD), which comes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. Coins come in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent and one and two dollar denominations.

What is the best bank in Australia?

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What are the security features on Australian banknotes?

Polymer Substrate.

  • Top-to-bottom window.
  • 3D image.
  • Flying bird.
  • Colourful bird.
  • Reversing number.
  • Rolling colour effect.
  • Image in small window.
  • Intaglio print.
  • Background print (offset) Multi-coloured and multi-directional fine-line patterns appear on each side of the banknote.
  • What features does an Australian banknote have?

    – Thickness and weight of notes is +/-5 percent per 1000 notes – A new clear polymer window that goes from the top to the bottom of the note that is all clear – Embossing is inside the small window. – There are two blocks of micro-text on the reverse side of the Fourth series five dollar note, which contains excerpts of the Constitution of Australia

    What are Australian banknotes made from?

    Australian dollar notes are made of a polymer, which has a waxy feel, while the banknotes of the U.S. and several other countries are made of cotton fiber paper. Polymer banknotes tend to last two…