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Why does my car sometimes not start sometimes?

Why does my car sometimes not start sometimes?

Hello there, no starts are common problem in many vehicles. Given that yours will start sometimes but not other leaves a few possible causes. The most likely causes would include a fault with the ignition switch, battery cables, fuel pump, starter, or low fuel pressure.

What can cause a no start condition?

If the fuel pump, fuel injector, or fuel filter is damaged, this can cause the no crank/no start condition. If the filter is clogged, the fuel going into the engine will be impeded. The last thing that could be faulty with the fuel system is the fuel supply line.

How do you diagnose a car starting problem?

Diagnose: Why Won’t My Car Start

  1. 1) Is the engine cranking?
  2. 2) Check the trouble code memory.
  3. 3) Check the crankshaft/camshaft sensors.
  4. 4) Check the fuel pressure.
  5. 5) Check the spark from the ignition coil.
  6. 6) Check if the injectors are opening.
  7. 7) Check the crankshaft/camshaft timing.
  8. 8) Check compression/leak down test.

How do you start a car that won’t start?

Here are some things to try if your car won’t turn over.

  1. What To Do If Your Car Won’t Start:
  2. Try: Cycling the Key.
  3. Try: Tapping on the battery Terminals.
  4. Try: Smacking the starter.
  5. Try: Shifting the Shifter.
  6. Try: Swapping Relays.
  7. Try: Smacking the Fuel Tank.
  8. Try: Un-flooding a flooded engine.

How do I reset my Peugeot ECU?

Peugeot BSi reboot procedure

  1. Disconnect the diagnostic tool.
  2. Put the driver’s window down, lift the bonnet and ensure all.
  3. Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes, disconnect the vehicle battery and wait.
  5. Reconnect the vehicle battery, wait a further 10 seconds (do.

What does it mean when a Peugeot 206 wont start?

I could give up Stella, but I’m no quitter. hi angus checked for ign voltage on plug 3 this morning and there was none, i have continuity tested wire back to fuse box and it is good. when i applied voltage on to pin i did get engine management light on , does this maybe mean that there is immobiliser fault? not sure what to try next.

How can I tell if my Peugeot has a bad battery?

Then, if you notice that the light becomes much weaker, you need most likely charge the battery and try to start your Peugeot again. Also with the battery discharged and the key turned to start position you can observe that the wiper blades incidentally start operating and the dashboard blinks.

Why is the crank sensor on my Peugeot 206 not working?

The crank sensor doesn’t have an ignition feed. You need another feed to plug 3 A4 – but you’ll only get that if the immobilizer is happy [?] the inertia switch isn’t tripped and the ECU commands it. How did this fault occur?

Where does the ignition feed come from on a Peugeot 206?

The coil; injectors and pump are all fed from the fuel-pump side of whichever you have and would only be fed briefly at key-on and when cranking. The crank sensor doesn’t have an ignition feed.