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Who died in middle school the worst years of my life?

Who died in middle school the worst years of my life?

Leo The Silent
Leo The Silent is Rafe Khatchadorian’s imaginary friend and the deuteragonist of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. However, Leonardo Khatchadorian (LEO) is Rafe’s twin brother. He died when he was only three so Rafe started imagining what it would be like if he was still alive.

What is Rule 86 in middle school the worst years of my life?

Principal Dwight and Stricker are fired and arrested, Jules breaks up with Bear after finding out his true nature, and Rafe says goodbye to imaginary Leo, sharing a kiss with Jeanne which breaks rule #86, no public displays of affection, thus completing operation R.A.F.E.

What is the main problem in middle school the worst years of my life?

The main conflict is that Rafe is breaking all of the rules. This is causing his grades to go down, his mom to be irritable, his sister to be nosier, and his detentions to increase. It is both an internal and external conflict.

Who is the antagonist in middle school the worst years of my life book?

Zombie Dwight in Rafe’s imagination. Principal Kenneth “Ken” Dwight, simply known as Ken Dwight, is the main antagonist of the 2016 comedy film Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life. He was the former principal of Hills Village Middle School, and the archenemy of Rafe Khatchadorian.

Who does Rafe have a crush on?

Trivia. Rafe has a crush on Jeanne Galleta in School: The Worst Years of My Life.

Is Leo Real in Middle School worst years of my life?

Leonardo the Silent – Rafe’s quiet, imaginary friend who gets Rafe into trouble. Rather than being a figment of fantasy, like most imaginary friends, Leo the Silent was originally a real person – Rafe’s twin brother, Leonardo, who died of meningitis when the boys were toddlers.

Does Rafe have a twin brother outerbanks?

He is portrayed by Drew Starkey. Rafe is the eldest son of Ward Cameron the older brother of Sarah, and the older brother of Wheezie….Seasons.

First Appearance Last Appearance
The Lucky Compass The Coastal Venture

What rule does Rafe break first?

Middle School the Worst Years of My Life

What was Rafe’s “big idea” breaking every rule in the book
How did Rafe get out of the assembly he said that he had to go to the bathroom
What is the 1st rule that Rafe broke he pulled the fire alarm
Who was Bear Carl, Rafe’s mom’s boyfriend

Who are the main characters in Middle School the worst years of my life?

Middle School the Worst Years of My Life. Home Overview Main Characters Rafe Leo> “Dragon Lady” Quotes Themes Recomondations Suns Middle School There are three main characters that need to be mentioned in this book. I only say this because um well lets see. They are the base of the book, and you do need to read to understand why. WHY?!

Who is the author of the worst years of my life?

In his acclaimed and #1 bestselling middle-grade comic debut, Children’s Choice Award Author of the Year James Patterson has never been more hilarious–or heartwarming. Rafe Khatchadorian has enough problems at home without throwing his first year of middle school into the mix. Luckily, he’s got an ace plan for the best year ever, if only he can

Who is Rafe Khatchadorian in Lord of the flies?

This is Rafe Khatchadorian and he is very brave. He tries to break every rule in the school, and risks getting in trouble a lot. He is also smart because he was able to get money by selling his dad’s soda. Lastly, he is a great artist because he drew a huge mural on the back of the school.

Who are the main characters in middle school by James Patterson?

James Patterson’s debut middle-grade novel addresses some of middle schoolers’ biggest issues: bullies, first crushes, and finding out what makes each of us special, all with a hilarious main character and fantastic in-text illustrations that are sure to have young readers begging for more! More Details…