Monthly Archives: September 2018

What are the certificates of the best IT professionals?

Everyone knows that professional computer education implies a diploma and certificates. Depending on which specialization you have chosen, the certificates received by you will also differ. What knowledge and certificates are in demand today in the IT market? What are the certificates of the best IT professionals? About this and many other things in our […]

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Where can IT students earn money?

The eternal question of the student – how and where to make money? Many students work in companies, but not always this source of income is convenient for everyone. Permanent work in the company has its advantages, among which the main thing is the stability of income. But how do students who do not have […]

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General characteristics of the most common tools for developing multimedia programs

One of the main tasks of the creators of electronic educational resources is to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the educational product. This task is solved due to the interactivity and communicability of electronic publications, the use of multimedia components in them, the modeling of real objects and processes. A variety of electronic publications, in […]

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How to write an essay?

Essays – a kind of creative task; genre (philosophical, literary critical, historic-biographical, journalistic) prose, combining the author’s individually emphasized position with a casual, often paradoxical exposition focused on colloquial speech. Composition is a kind of creative task, written independent work of students; the statement of one’s own thoughts, experiences, judgments, intentions. Works differ in genre […]

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